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SP 10W-40 زيت محركات البنزين

SP 10W-40/12L
SAR 300
متوفر في المتجر
تفاصيل المنتج

زيت محركات البنزين تخليقي بالكامل صنع على اعلى المعايير الدولية و أحدث المواصفات

Fully Syanthatic Oil blended with a premium blend of base oils and specially selected additives to provide modern gasoline engines with superior protection against wear, sludge, varnish, deposits, and oxidation. They also protect against oil-related stochastic pre-ignition (SPI or LSPI) in turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines (TGDI).

Protects against engine knock in direct-injected, turbocharged engines

Reduces timing chain wear

Protects against soot-induced wear

Excellent protection against sludge, varnish and engine deposits

Resists oxidation and protects turbocharger bearings

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